"Jeff brings clarity, stability, and wisdom to the life of a CEO, a world that can be in confusion, motion and change. He is a trusted voice who has helped develop my personal strengths and show up as a winner."

Dave Asprey
Founder Bulletproof Coffee

“Jeff’s practical advice, examples and solutions really helped our team understand where we are today, what to expect, and how to lead and win going forward.”


Brian Householder
CEO, Hitachi Vantara

"Thank you for all the help."

Tiger Woods


“Jeff is in a class all by himself, and working with him is a must for any person wanting to sharpen their physical, mental, and emotional mind-body toughness for success in sport, business and in life.”

Connie Paraskevin
4-Time World Sprint Cycling Champion

“Clear, purposeful and decisive…all are descriptive of Dr. Jeff’s unmatched abilities as a high-impact coach, mentor, leader, cornerman and true blue friend. There are none finer!”

Vice Admiral (Retired)
David H. Buss
US Navy, former “Air Boss”

“If you judged the most important man on the team (...) then it was Jeff. Without him, we knew we'd never make it to Paris.”

Lance Armstrong

"Many thanks for everyting."

Richard Branson

Leading Under Covid-19

The coaching methods I employ have helped win over 40 gold medals. Winning gold means to never falter under pressure.


Covid-19’s havoc has challenged the leadership skills of even the most seasoned CEO, executive or leader. For the elite athletes I've coached, adversity, uncertainty, and execution under maximum pressure is an everyday reality. No CEO in today's climate can afford to be uncertain of their next step and their ability to achieve it. This is why I'm offering this mission-critical "120 Day Survival Blueprint".          
"120 Day Survival Blueprint" includes:


  • Damage Control - Stop the bleeding, assess the threats, and reveal the pitfalls in your mindset. My Elite Executive Coaching guarantees strength and team trust in your leadership throughout a crisis.

  • Retool – Rebuild the mindset, team cohesion, and technical proficiency you need to persevere in these times of adversity.   

  • Fortify – Strengthen the foundational assets of your Elite Leadership. Overcome this crisis, minimize downside impact, and seize the opportunities waiting on the other side.  

When you should work with me:

Please note: I appreciate every application and believe all are worthy of support. Please understand that due to the amount of requests, I will choose only those I feel are ready to take their performance to the next level.

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