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At seven I committed to becoming an Olympic cyclist. At twenty-one, I competed in the Olympics. Soon after I realized that helping exceptional performers tap into their highest potential was as equally satisfying to me, as competing and winning myself. Ever since, I’ve coached top-tier performers into Elite Performers. I’ve changed their habits, strengthened their minds and gave them the tools to consistently deliver at the height of their games. Are you ready to win?

Cornerman Elite Performance Coaching

10,000 hours create a master.
300,000 hours of coaching elite performers
create a fail-safe, repeatable system to win.

You’ve experienced outstanding success by working harder, smarter and taking calculated risks. It’s worked in past, but, now you see the world is changing rapidly in unprecedented ways and your instincts tell you that this may not be the best path forward now. The question then is, what is the best route forward that is a hedge against uncertainty and increases the probability of success? My D.A.R.E. coaching model remains consistent in its ability to deliver extraordinary results regardless of the context of the times.






time Compression


Objective: Get Clear On Your Current Position And The Most Efficient Path Forward

The most essential step in achieving your goals consistently, predictably and consistently is to be crystal clear on your current state of readiness to achieve your goals. Three metrics will determine your readiness. The first is to know precisely what your current abilities are in all life areas. The sum total of these will determine the time and distance between you and your goals. Next, is to use the R.I.G.H.T. Goal Criteria to ensure that you are pursuing the right goals. Finally, the most efficient trajectory to your goals is constructed knowing your starting points and goals. My D.A.R.E. Performance Progression determines the three metrics.    

Completing Phase 1 will give us complete clarity on the most efficient path forward. Once the most efficient path forward is lined out we must establish:

Phase 2 – Certainty

Objective: Execute Plan While Removing Hidden Risks And Maintaining Flow To Lock In Wins

One we have Clarity on the most efficient path forward we must create unshakable Certainty around your success. In Phase 2, the “Trajectory” created in Phase 1 is implemented to reveal and remove the hidden friction in the goal achievement process. There will be a critical mass point in the friction removal process when a “Certainty Event” occurs that produces an exponential “flow state” acceleration forward toward goal attainment.

At that point Phase 2 is complete and an immediate engagement of Phase 3, Time Compression, commences.

Predicting the Certainty Event is impossible to precisely determine in advance, but when the specific variables identified in Phase 1 are appropriately controlled the event happens in optimal time. This optimization reduces the risk of preventable progress stalls associated with going too fast too soon.

Completing Phase 2 confirms with certainty that you have “locked in” your wins. Once your wins are “locked in” it may make sense to transition to:

Phase 3 – Time Compression

Objective: Compress The Time To Achieve Goals Faster Than Previously Thought Possible

Once the “Certainty Event” occurs in Phase 2 an immediate shift to Phase 3, Time Compression, occurs to maintain maximum forward goal achievement momentum and compress the time to achievement.

This often requires additional resources and communication between team members and outside support because of the frequent micro-adjustments needed to control the acceleration along with intensity and volume of interactions between the ever-changing number of moving parts as equilibrium is maintained.

Other control measures include Zone Pacing to reduce the risk of over or under ideal pacing stalls along with precise timing of when and what is said and done to avoid preventable problems and capitalizing on best opportunities. This dynamic control ends in goals achieved most consistently, predictably and repeatedly.

Completing Phase 3 will get you to your most ambitious goals faster than you ever thought possible.


Clarity: Get crystal clear on the most efficient path forward
Certainty: Lock in your wins with certainty
Compression: Compress the time to reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

When You Should Work With Me

You’re a standout player and know you can play at the top, yet, despite your efforts and following the expert’s advice, you’ve not been able to breakthrough your glass ceiling to perform at the level of your potential.

I will accelerate your breakthrough to gain those last percentage points standing between you and the top of your game.

You’re at the top of your game. Your advisors are optimizing every detail of you and your business. But, who is in your corner watching everything that’s happening in every area of your life to keep you balanced and performing at your highest level?

I will identify the risks, adjust your trajectory and set the pacing for you to consistently produce your biggest gains at the highest level.

Your business has grown substantially. From the outside, your life looks great.
But, you know it’s not. Nothing comes easily anymore. You used to be able to sit down and bang things out, but, not now. You find yourself unable to produce. The joy of success is gone. You’re juggling everything best you can, but, all you want is relief.

I will restore the exhilaration of winning and the life-work-balance you’ve lost. With newfound footing you will go on to produce your best work ever.

You’ve achieved everything you set out to. But, now, all you do is manage what you’ve built fearing that if you strive for more you’ll lose it all. Yet, your soul calls you back into the game to finish the job you were called to do.

I will show you how to evolve while protecting what you’ve built. We will work behind the scenes to insulate risk while you live a life of value and contribution.

Your string of successes has taken their toll on you so you backed away before your Big Win. You know you stepped aside too soon. You know you’ll let yourself down if you don’t get back in the game and create your Big Win. But, how?

I’ve coached the world’s leading athletes through their comebacks to glory. I will set the pace and guide your journey back to the top. When your reputation and legacy are at stake, you need a cornerman you can implicitly trust to get you back into the winner’s circle. 

You were successful, but, what you aspired to previously no longer has the same allure. You want to continue to build, contribute and impact others, but, don’t have the same risk tolerance and energy as before to tackle another big, highly ambitious goal. Knowing what to do next remains elusive. You’re frustrated as you know you’ve only so many more chances to produce high impact results.

I will ensure you chose the R.I.G.H.T. Goal™ and path to attain your next goal so your mind, body and soul are honored in the process and your standing as an innovator, leader and visionary remain intact.

You’ve realized that a change in direction is imperative despite the time, effort and expense already put into in. The question is how are you going to do it? What will you say to your family, team and investors to justify the change? Especially, if the new direction is lateral or even down from its original trajectory. And, how will you guarantee that the new direction will deliver on its promise?

I will ensure you make the right pivot communicate it skillfully and execute it with precision and perfect timing.

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