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My name is Jeff Spencer.


At seven I committed to becoming an Olympic cyclist. At twenty-one, I competed in the Olympics. Soon after I realized that helping exceptional performers tap into their highest potential was as equally satisfying to me, as competing and winning myself. Ever since, I’ve coached top-tier performers into Elite Performers. I’ve changed their habits, strengthened their minds and gave them the tools to consistently deliver at the height of their games.
Are you ready to win?


"Jeff brings clarity, stability, and wisdom to the life of a CEO, a world that can be in confusion, motion and change. He is a trusted voice who has helped develop my personal strengths and show up as a winner."

Dave Asprey
Founder Bulletproof Coffee

“Jeff’s practical advice, examples and solutions really helped our team understand where we are today, what to expect, and how to lead and win going forward.”


Brian Householder
CEO, Hitachi Vantara

"Thank you for all the help."

Tiger Woods


“Jeff is in a class all by himself, and working with him is a must for any person wanting to sharpen their physical, mental, and emotional mind-body toughness for success in sport, business and in life.”

Connie Paraskevin
4-Time World Sprint Cycling Champion

“Clear, purposeful and decisive…all are descriptive of Dr. Jeff’s unmatched abilities as a high-impact coach, mentor, leader, cornerman and true blue friend. There are none finer!”

Vice Admiral (Retired)
David H. Buss
US Navy, former “Air Boss”

"Many thanks for everyting."

Richard Branson


Leading Under Covid-19

The coaching methods I employ have helped win over 40 gold medals. Winning gold means to never falter under pressure.


Covid-19’s havoc has challenged the leadership skills of even the most seasoned CEO, executive or leader. For the elite athletes I've coached, adversity, uncertainty, and execution under maximum pressure is an everyday reality. No CEO in today's climate can afford to be uncertain of their next step and their ability to achieve it. This is why I'm offering this mission-critical "120 Day Survival Blueprint".          
"120 Day Survival Blueprint" includes:


  • Damage Control - Stop the bleeding, assess the threats, and reveal the pitfalls in your mindset. My Elite Executive Coaching guarantees strength and team trust in your leadership throughout a crisis.

  • Retool – Rebuild the mindset, team cohesion, and technical proficiency you need to persevere in these times of adversity.   

  • Fortify – Strengthen the foundational assets of your Elite Leadership. Overcome this crisis, minimize downside impact, and seize the opportunities waiting on the other side.  


10,000 hours create a master.
300,000 hours of coaching elite athletes create a fail-safe, repeatable system to win.

You’ve experienced outstanding success by working harder and smarter. But you don't know how to apply your full potential consistently and under maximum pressure. You are uncertain if you will remain at the height of your game, when it counts most. My coaching system provides certainty when the clock is ticking, your path starts to blur, and there’s no margin for error.

Step 1 - Clarity
Chances are 99% that you are assessing your current situation incorrectly. You are not aware of the upcoming obstacles well-hidden in your blind spots. You lack the experience to correctly evaluate the data from the path behind you into your actual trajectory forwards.
Champion’s Roadmap I developed will help you see the reality (and your potential) for what it actually is. 


Step 2 - A Champion's Mindset
I will provide you with mental habits to prepare for and overcome any obstacle with Elite Confidence. Your timeline to meet objectives will shorten. Your certitude in producing desired outcomes will increase. You will regain ownership of your trajectory, life, and legacy.

Step 3 - Take Action
Actions manifest the outcome, not your thoughts. I help you identify the game-winning action that you will need to make. I set the pacing for your steps forward.
With me as your cornerman, you will cross the finish line first, regardless of how ambitious the goal. Exponential achievement will be your new normal.


You’re already a standout player, but want to get to the top. The evidence is there that you have it in you. But, so is the glass ceiling you can’t seem to shatter. In the realm of the Elite Performer, old methods can’t and won’t bridge that final gap.


I will accelerate your breakthrough to gain those last percentage points standing between you and the top of your game.


Your business has been growing substantially. From the outside, your life looks great. But you know it’s not. All you can feel is the pressure cooker, building steam by the day. Nothing comes easily anymore. The joy of winning is gone.


You make great money but most of it is being reinvested or servicing a high maintenance lifestyle. Your kids are unruly, your relationship conflicted, while you put on 30 pounds. (Trying to get rid of them, you will overtrain and get sick.) You dread the tsunami of coming obligations. You're juggling everything when all you want is relief.  

I will restore the joy of winning and the life-work-balance you've lost. With newfound footing you will go on to produce your best work yet.


Your multiple successes have taken their toll. You backed off before the Big Win. You’re willing to admit you stepped aside too soon. It’s time to get back in the game and create a legacy that represents your true capacity. But how?

I’ve coached the world's leading athletes through their comebacks to glory. I will set the pace and guide your journey back to the top. When your reputation and legacy are at stake, you need a cornerman you can implicitly trust to get you back into the winner's circle. 


You were successful, had some exposure, maybe even very early on. People tell you, “Just be grateful,” and, “You have it all.” The thirst for progress still calls, but the critical steps forward elude you. You have an outstanding network and enough options to go anywhere you want. So why haven’t you?


You lack the accountability, clarity, and confidence of an Elite Performer, who knows with certainty which path to choose. Mindset is not transformed in solitude, but in partnership. 

I will ensure you choose the R.I.G.H.T. Goal™ for your next enterprise, confirming your previous successes as an innovator, leader and visionary.  


You’ve reached cruising altitude. You hired “mission support” specialists to optimize every aspect of you and your business. But who is sitting at mission control overseeing the big picture? Only when all parts work frictionless will your business stay in orbit and produce exponential results. 


I will identify the risks, adjust your trajectory, and set the pacing for you to constantly produce your biggest gains at the highest level.


No one understands the depth of your dissatisfaction. Your accomplishments impress people, and that adulation makes it even harder to admit that you’re unhappy. This is a lonely place. You’ve achieved precisely what you wanted. But now all you do is manage. Keeping the status quo to hold your position. You are no longer building a legacy or evolving. How could you, when it might mean risking what you’ve built? Yet, your soul calls you back into the game to accomplish more, to finish the job. 


I will show you how to evolve while protecting what you’ve built. We will work behind the scenes to insulate risk while building maximum momentum, maintaining clarity and certainty at every step.


You’ve realized that a change in direction is imperative despite the time, effort, and expense already put in. The question is how are you going to do it? What will you say to your family, team, and investors to justify the change? Especially, if the new direction is sideways or even down from its original trajectory. And, how will you guarantee that the new direction will deliver on its promise?  

I will ensure you make the right pivot, communicate it skillfully, and execute it with precision and perfect timing.      

Please note: I appreciate every application and believe all are worthy of support. Please understand that due to the amount of requests, I will choose only those I feel are ready to take their performance to the next level.

When you should work with me:

When you should NOT work with me:

If you lack motivation or sincerity, I am the wrong coach for you. I work with those who are committed to move forward and upward.

If you think are paying for my time, instead of my solutions. I work fast and efficiently. The time of my clients is sacred to me. If we can solve your problem in 15 minutes, we will not spend an hour on the phone.

If you expect a quick fix. Implementing the changes to transform one's mindset takes time. Elite Performance requires preparation and the setting of a strong foundation to sustain maximum growth.

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