Winning BIG isn’t an accident. It’s the deliberate outcome of purposeful actions consistently applied.

Working backstage with Bono at a world tour concert, spending time with Sir Richard Branson on his private island, and talking privately with Tiger Woods weren’t accidents. They’re my normal.

My entire life has been spent in the champion’s space. I didn’t choose it; it chose me. It’s all I know, what I’m hardwired to do, and what my life is dedicated to.

To date, I have more than 400,000 hours crafting that expertise, which has helped athletes win over 40 gold medals, entertainers win prestigious awards, and entrepreneurs reach iconic status. I’ve seen it all at the highest level of performance.

How’d I get here?

At seven years old, I wanted to become an Olympian; at 21, I competed in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games as a sprint cyclist. My journey to the Olympics taught me the learned skill of how to win BIG consistently, predictably, and repeatedly.

I earned my master’s degree in Sports Science from USC, enabling me to craft the physical capacity to create maximum success over a full lifetime.

I’ve shown my art glass sculpture in the world’s finest galleries, reflecting my creativity and ingenuity to make the impossible possible.

As a recipient of the International Sports Chiropractor of the Year award, I can craft the energy, resilience, and longevity to live a vital, purposeful, and passionate life of achievement.

My greatest gift was adopting my Columbian daughter at ten years old alongside my wife, teaching me persistence, temperance, forgiveness, love, and faith to persevere against all odds to raise her as she deserved to be raised, to manifest her full potential.

I coach a small number of one-to-one, hand-chosen clients each year, primarily established founders, visionaries, and creatives in their late 30s to mid-50s committed to becoming full potential players that honor their talents, live their highest impact life, and make the best contribution.

My clients are chosen based on their magnitude and impact as people and their aspirations, not their notoriety or influence.